Assassin’s creed 3 : My Impressions

         Assassin's creed 3    The Assassin’s Creed series is one of my favorite video game series ever. From the first time when I got in contact with Altair in Jerusalem and saw the immense and beautiful depicted world I really said to myself that this series will be a winner and everything that will come out of it will be pure gold. Once it actually turned out to be succesfull the producers never stopped releasing Assassin’s Creed games anually, even if some people got tired and didn’t what to play this franchise anymore. The fictional universes created and the neverending battle between the Templars and the Assassins for the control over the world…or freedom…or something, I don’t know they just argue and fight all the time, is the main drive for this story.

After being used to playing as Ezio, the italian tough assasin that build the creed in a certain way and found out what’s the deal with those Apples from Eden, we found ourself in the New World, America in the 17th century. The time is obviously chosen with a good reason because of that period’s history when the American Revolutionary War happend. Because my knowlegde about the American history is limited (and to be honest more exactly equal to zero) it was very hard for me to understand what happens in the game, or from which historical events did the developers wanted to begin with, for the creation of the game. The only thing I know is that some american colonies decided that they didn’t want to pay the Queen from England anymore taxes, so they made a war out of it.

But, we know for sure that we are gonna play with a amerindian character which at some point in the game will call  Connor so we won’t brake out tongue when we pronunce his real amerindian name. So as a child Connor was all happy,living his life havin’ fun, playing hide ’n’ seek and all the stuff that a child in the 17th century raised in a village does…until the american colonies decided their land on which they lived all their lives, belongs to the americans, more or less. That’s when everything goes south. The village gets destroyed, the people too and Connor remains without a mother. And his father? You may ask. That’s another story. So from this point on we see the evolution of Connor until he gets to be a worthy asssasin under the guidance of Achilles. Achilles is Connor’s teacher that shows him all the stuff about the Creed. This is the main plot of the game, and the revenge that Connor wants to obtain because of those that burned his village down where obvious Templars (otherwise he wouldn’t have an Assasin to teach him how to kill them).

  assassin s creed 3 1

Now, like in every AC game we must have the corresponding environment for the time period, and as always the visuals for this installment are amazing. In this game there are  3 main places where Connor is gonna spend time to kill, and plot against the Templars : Boston, New York and The Frontier. The Frontier can be called more or less the forest area where some villages were created back then. In the beginning of the game most of the time will be spent in The Frontier, Boston and your homestead Davenport .

The  gameplay mainly the same as in every AC game, running and climbing on buildings, jumping and parkour, only this time trees are also involved. The combat between Connor and the citie’s authority (be it britis troops or american) is the one that took a blow. In this game I found best thing to do is to wait for the enemy to hit, then counter and repeat. This was a little drawback for me because if you want to make one of those very cool execution moves you have to wait until the AI decides for two enemies to hit you at the same time, and that you posses a weapon that can handle a 2 person combo kill. We also have hunting in this game, for wolf, deers, elks, bears, etc. which is a nice addition and brings more life to the world created in the game. Also there has been a crafting and trading menu created in the game, which will be presented at a certain point, but I didn’t manage to do much with it beside sending a cart to trade sometime at the beginning of the game and the cart hasn’t returned even now.

assassin's creed 3  town

 I think the developers wanted a new way to get income for your character, but in the end it backfired because this trading method with the carts doesn’t always works. The cart has a really high posibility of getting robbed, or vanishing like as mine did but at the same time I admit that I didn’t do to much research on this game mechanic because I had a lot of currency from completing the missions or sending the assassins from the guild on missions throughout America. I found the structure of the game very wrong and I will tell you why. The main story is very short, as in every memory sequence that you play has 3-4 missions. So in addition to this the developers populated the world with an enormous number of secondary missions or side-quests. And let’s not forget Desmond is still around. In this game we have a little more action from his part, and more missions with him in which we find out his thoughts about all the Templar – Assassin thing, and his daddy issues because now they are reunited.

And this is the main point of the article that I wanted to reach. The world is created marvelous as usual, we have more or less the same mechanics, cool weapons, the same hidden blades that we use to assasinate any guard that told us to move out of his way, but in this game the main characters, Desmond and Connor have no idea anymore what they are fighting for, or for which side. Connor finds himself right in the middle of the two sides that took part in the Revolutionary War and every decision that he makes is questioned by himself after. Desmond on the other hand isn’t sure if the people that guided him to the Apple of Eden want to help his cause, or they are just using him to accomplish their own agenda. This is the biggest flaw of the game after presenting in the previous 3 games  characters(Altair,Ezio and Desmond) that were determinated to put a stop to the evil plots that the Templars were planning for controlling the world. And because of this the entire time of the game you are confused if you have chosen the right side to fight for.

assassins creed front

Assasin’s Creed 3 is just a milestone for the series and the story told behind it not bringing to much to the series, only some confused characters with serious daddy issues. This makes it a pour milestone in the franchise because we see another type of assassin that I think nobody ever though of : the one that always questions his actions, questions everybody around him if they are friend/foe, but keeps fighting without knowing clearly the final purpose. I bought the game just so I can see in which direction they went after the Ezio saga, but other than that I can’t say that the game meets the expectations. This is probably the weakest game in the franchise regarding character creation and storyline.

I have always enjoyed looking at video games other then being a way of losing some hours when you have some spare time. I’ve graduated from “Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and IT”, University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest in 2013. Now I study Advanced Microelectronics at the same university, I'm working as a QA Engineer for a software company and I'm trying to be up-to-date on the latest hardware and software technologies.

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