Watch Dogs on PC: Sabotage or Incompetence?

That is the question raised by Youtube game reviewer extraordinaire TotalBiscuit in his latest video:

Now, you may be familiar with the game’s performance issues, covered by many people, including us. The main problem with Watch Dogs was that it didn’t deliver on what it promised in this one E3 trailer:

Particularly the stellar graphics which just blew you away. So they abandoned them, and despite that the performance is still worse than expected. So you would think, as TB once did, that they abandoned those graphic options because it would have ruined performance even more, right? Well, here’s the shocker. As it was revealed in this post some guy with only Mountain Dew and some Paypal donations (as TB puts it) managed to enable some of those graphic effects that we saw at E3 and add others, thus improving the experience while achieving the same performance.

So, knowing this information, we can reach a single, undeniable conclusion: that Ubisoft intends to hunt PC gamers like dogs using rail guns. Or the following 2 possibilities, which TB finds the most probable: deliberate sabotage in an attempt to convince PC gamers to switch to consoles to limit piracy or pure incompetence.

Take your pick. I don’t care, as long as they release that damn patch already.

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