Survive in the wild or survive in space? This month’s giveaway is on!

Hello dear readers!

UPDATE 3:  The second winner of our “Survive in the wild or survive in space?” giveaway is oMi and he chose to survive in the space with Space engineers :). 

UPDATE 2:  The first winner of our “Survive in the wild or survive in space?” giveaway is Mohaed Moh and he chose to survive in the wild with Don’t Starve :). 

UPDATE: The 2 winners for our Giveaway were announced , now we wait for their response otherwise we have to pick somebody else. Thanks to all for participating!

Since last month’s giveaway was so much fun we’ve decided to make this into a monthly thing! It was a really nice experience to see everyone participating and being civilized about it and showing good sportsmanship.

While our winner from last month is probably still busy hacking the power grid in Chicago, this month we are focusing on survival. We are also doubling the number of prizes as we’re trying to spread the cheerfulness out there so here’s the plan:

We are giving away two games, at the winner’s choice! If you choose to participate, you could be spending your next week surviving in the lovely, cartoony and very enticing world of Don’t Starve or you could be taking your operation into space, exploring, mining and creating stations, ships and weapons in the open-ended world of Space Engineers.

For the giveaway we make use of the great service Rafflecopter as it provides a better experience for everyone. To enter, you must at least give a like on our Facebook page and that is it. No further action required. You can further increase your winning chances by leaving a comment bellow, sharing the competition on Twitter or following our twitter feed. Each of these actions will give you another point in the Raffle. If you already liked us or followed us on Twitter just leave a comment 😀

The winners will be contacted on the 17th of August and they will be given the choice between the two games. Once they have made their choice, we will send them the game as a Steam gift to their email address so they can add the game to their Steam library.

So, good luck to everyone and let’s get this party started!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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