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Since the new generation of consoles came on the market there has been a new trend along the developers to make remastered editions of last generation video games. So the question regarding those types of releases is: Are they worth my money ?

Well, like every other product on the market it depends. For me it isn’t enough just a visual upgrade, however I admit that the graphics are essential on how a game’s atmosphere is delivered. But a good game is more than just graphics, it’s about the story, it’s about the gameplay and most important it’s about the way it makes you feel when playing it and even after when you think about it or share thought with friends. I still remeber with pleasure the first time I played “Metro 2033 ” on my PC. It was just before the New-Year’s Eve, and the aspect I appreciated the most about it was definitely the atmosphere. As many of you already know the action takes place in a post apocalyptic universe, in the dark stations of the Moscow Metro. You play as Artyom, a very young hero that must live in a very hostile world in which you really don’t know if you should be more afraid of the mutants, the Dark Ones (mysterious entities that will raise you many question marks throughout the game) or just of humans.

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When “Metro Redux ” was released I  was very excited because it was a chance to replay both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light with better graphics and, also very important, with gameplay updates for Metro 2033. I know you probably think right now that there is no big difference between Last Light Redux and the original that was released last year, well maybe you are right if you reffer to the PC version but on consoles you can easily spot the differences between the PS3 version and the PS4. It’s quite logical that a 7 year old console can’t have the performance of a next gen console. Metro 2033 was redone with the Last Light engine and you can notice the better lighting, better character models, however the facial animations are still a weak spot of the series…

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Now let’s talk about gameplay. Metro 2033 Redux borrowed the gameplay mechanics from his younger brother and I can say that it was a smart move from developer 4A Games. 2033 already had atmosphere but it also had gameplay problems especially with the stealth mechanics that were really annoying. Now you can wipe your mask, enjoy a good stealth takedown without getting frustrated that a guard will give the alarm without even seeing you. However some parts weren’t improved, such as the way a gun feels, enemies absorb bullets and are making your Bastard or Revolver feel like some kind of toy for big boys. The shotgun gave me the impression that I was wielding a real weapon which can make some damage. But fortunately if you are not completely satisfied with your weapons you can upgrade them and bring some very inspired modifications and make things easier throughout the campaign.

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Unlike other FPS games,  the Metro series ( especially 2033 ) doesn’t give the impression that you are invincible and that you can shoot and destroy everything .These two games make you feel vulnerable. It really demands that you  manage your resources carefully in order to survive. But you can still have a more action oriented campaign because one of the new features of the Redux edition is the option to select between two new game modes alongside the classic Ranger mode. So if you choose the Spartan mode, the gameplay will be similar to Last Light but if you choose Survival… well the name speaks for itself. However if you want the hardcore experience, the most realistic one you should go for is Ranger mode, and let me remind you some of its characteristics:

  • lack of HUD
  • no crosshair
  • reduced ammo and resources

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But enough about the technical aspect of the game because this will not be the reason you will  remeber Metro Redux for. The universe created in the “Metro 2033” book by Dmitry Glukhovsky and portrayed successfully by the guys at 4A games will stay with you many years after playing the game. The image of a devastated city when you first make your way up to the surface alongside the words : “Welcome home, Artyom ” will touch you and make you wonder what makes us really human? The ability to create a civilization? or just a basic instinct for survival and power? The story makes you question human morality whether you see fragments of past disasters that happened in the metro whether by some decisions that you’ll have to make during the campaign. The horror side of the game manifest psychologically when you encounter the Dark Ones that will share with you some disturbing stories but you’ll definitely feel fear when you’ll face, for example, the Librarians.

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 About the character development …well is not bad but it could have been better. You start to care for some of the main characters like Khan but the development is not really top notch like it is in “The Last of Us”. However if you want to find more details about the characters and the story there are some notes in each level that you can collect in order to find out more about this universe.

Metro Redux_20140902132317

Bottom line Metro Redux is an amazing package that offers you two great games that will drag you into an amazing universe for a fair price, I would say, for the PlayStation 4 : 50 USD which is really not that bad considering that a new game is somewhere around 60 USD. So to answer the question from above… yes. Even if you played Last Light on PS3 and 2033 on the PC the Redux version for the PS4 is worth your money and will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours, so you should definitely go for it .

Video games have been a passion of mine since I was little and my parents bought me a playstation one. Now I’m studying at the “Faculty of Automated Control and Computers” , University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest , with the hope that maybe someday I’ll work in the video game industry.

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