Humble Indie Bundle 12 Roundup

Humble Bundle is a site that for some years has sold games by the bundle at low prices (1$ for a few games with the possibility to unlock more by paying more), which has been the delight of many discount hunters who daily check Steam, hoping for a 80% discount on that game we’ve been wanting for some time.

The site has evolved since its inception and alongside the normal 2-week bundle, they have added weekly bundles, flash bundle sales, their own store and comicbook/book bundles. And this week it’s no different. So let’s look at what you can get for your money in the Humble Indie Bundle 12:

SteamWorld Dig

Steam describes this game as a “platform mining adventure with strong Metroidvanian influences. ” Now, I’ve never played Metroid, however I have heard that it is quite a legend among the NES generation, one of the best games on the platform. From the trailer, the game does seem to have some of that Metroid magic and the upgrade system seems interesting. So nice first pick for the bundle.


Like many indie games, Hammerwatch is a top-down 2D hack’n slash with retro graphics. However, despite this, it does come with a trick up its sleeve: Co-op, with a maximum of 4 players. The game seems to be somewhat challenging and fun, there are some puzzles and of course, plenty of loot.


I had actually heard about this game before writing this article, and there were praises. It’s a stealth puzzle game, where you have to rewire levels to get past enemies. Fun and challenging, it will pique your interest.

Now, these 3 games can be purchased for 1$. To get the next ones, the minimum amount (as of writing this article) is 7.90$. These are:

Papers, Please

This game is quite unique. You play as a border guard, and your job is to check documents and accept or deny passage to would-be immigrants. A weird premise, however I remember reading that it’s a worthwhile game.


An arcade game with air fights and a ton of customization choices for your plane, with a dynamic soundtrack, depending on your customizations. That is all.

Gone Home

An interactive exploration game, which has received high praises for its story and atmosphere.

It’s worth mentioning that in a week more games will the former 3, however we have one more game to discuss. To unlock it, it takes 10$.

Prison Architect (Early Access)

This is a prison simulator in which you get to live your fantasy of lording it over rapists and murderers as warden and make their lives a living hell or treat them fairly and humanely (your choice). Currently it’s in the alpha stage and you too can contribute to it making it to beta and beyond. Will you take up the challenge?

Before I end the article, I have to point out that you can control where your money goes (you can divide it between this week’s charity, the devs and the Humble Bundle site) and that for 62$ you can get the Humble Indie Bundle 12 Entertainment System, which contains a bunch of stuff that I’m not going to get into. Have fun and indie it up!

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