Humble Weekly Bundle Kalypso 2

As I mentioned in my previous article, the Humble Bundle site features a weekly bundle alongside its 2-week ultra-bundle. This week, they’re offering a slew of games from the German company Kalypso, dev/publisher of such series as Patrician, Tropico or Disciples. Well, let’s take a look and see, starting with the 4 games you can get for 1$:

Grand Ages: Rome – Gold Edition

Some call this game another generic city builder, others praise it for its graphics, music and mission variety, but also its multiplayer. Only one way to find out the truth. Ave!

Imperium Romanum – Gold Edition

This game piqued my interest, but not for the reason you might think. By all accounts it isn’t that good and the gameplay trailer didn’t really convince me. However, within the trailer, you will notice a name: Sarmisegetusa, the ancient capital of the Dacians. It’s surprising because the Dacians aren’t really talked about much, despite the fact that they had one of the largest kingdoms in Europe around 2000 years ago and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a game up until now.

Airline Tycoon 2

The cartoony graphics remind me of the golden age of the tycoon games and it has some humor in its presentation. Other than that, not much to say, it’s an airline simulator.

Disciples III: Gold Edition

Disciples is a renown TBS series which was considered an alternative to Heroes of Might and Magic. The fans of this series seem to like it, so that’s something. Now let’s move on to what you can get for 3.13$:

Tank Operations: European Campaign

Another TBS, this time with tanks. It features battles on a hexagon partitioned battlefield and apparently it takes some getting used to.

Patrician III and IV

Patrician is a trader sim series, which mostly focuses on trading by ship and building up your operation. If you fancy yourself ye olde tycoon, go for it. Finally, for 9$ you get the 2 final games:

Omerta: City of Gangsters

This is an X-Com-like TBS with gangsters. It sounds great, even though the graphics from what I could tell are a bit lacking. However, if the gameplay holds up…

Port Royale 3

You get control of our own ship and you can choose your destiny. However, the gameplay is slow and at times boring, but apparently it picks up after a few hours.

So these were it. This week’s humble weekly bundle of strategy. Yohoho and a bottle of RAM!

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