News Weekend Wrap-up September 12-14

Hello and welcome to the first News Weekend Wrap-up, in which me and my colleagues will address news stories which will appear between Friday and Sunday. Now let’s start off with 2 articles about long expected console games finally being announced for PC.

Red Dead Redemption coming to PC and new-gen consoles [link]


Yes, the highly acclaimed GTA of the Old West is coming to the PC in March 2015, after a few years spent exclusively roaming on consoles. It has also come to light that Rockstar is currently working on Red Dead Redemption 2, which is believed to be ready by Fall 2015. This news also opens up hopes that we may get to see other console exclusive games on the PC, like Heavy Rain (Sony, make it happen). As for RDR2, hopefully they will treat PCs and consoles equally this time, although previous experiences (GTA IV and V being released for consoles some time before the PC versions) are not hope inducing. And speaking of GTA…

Nicolae Andrei: “God bless our poor PC gamer’s souls. We have big wallets but no games to spend our money on. It’s about time this game came to the PC.”

GTAV for PC pushed back to 2015, new-gen console release dates stay the same [link]

In another blatant act of disrespect to the PC community, GTAV has been delayed, from Fall 2014 to 27 January 2015. However, don’t fret, at least it will include new features, such as:

  • New weapons, vehicles and activities
  • Additional wildlife
  • Denser traffic
  • New foliage system
  • Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more

Not to mention new radio selections, with over 100 new song, which will immediately be flagged by whatever site you will stream/upload your gameplay on.

On a positive note, at least we’re still getting it.

Nicolae Andrei: “Rockstar not caring very much about the PC platform… what else is new?”

Radu Postolache: “Will the PC bonuses make up for the bonus time we have to wait? I don’t think so. Rockstar will have to really struggle if they want to show they care for the PC community.”

RIP Hunter and Miracle Rogue – Starving Buzzard and Leeroy Jenkins nerfed [link]

In the next Hearthstone patch due September 22nd 2 cards will be massively nerfed, thus destroying a few beloved instant win/board clear/massive card draw combos which were very popular and also making Hunter less appealing to play. Instead of explaining what this means for the meta game, here are Trump and Kripp explaining the changes:


Safe to say that we won’t see any more buzzards on the board any time soon…

Radu Postolache: “Miracle rogues had it coming, they commonly did 18 damage in one turn, now it’s down to 12, which is decent.”


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