Google Play Paints Targets on Devs

In a move which, considering the recent threats against some game developers (even though their validity or seriousness are questionable), seems rather stupid, Google has decided, in its infinite wisdom, that if you create a game and desire to make money by selling it on Google Play or having in-game purchases, then you will be obligated to provide an address where you can be contacted which will be made available to the public.

So, if you are an independent developer, just starting out in your own home, you will have to make that address available for trolls or actual psychos to harass you if they don’t like your game. Won’t a PO Box suffice, Why your address?

I can understand real companies with actual offices being forced to make their address known to Google, because it’s already available on their official site and they presumably have security available to protect them from the random mentally unstable customer who didn’t like their game and decides to make a personal visit. Normal people don’t have security. The vast majority of people where I live don’t even have useful weapons to defend themselves in their own homes. And Google wants to make the dev’s addresses public?

In any case, this policy will be put into place starting September 30th and, as with the many crappy and unpopular policies that Google has put forth in the past, nothing the community will do won’t change their minds.

But here’s one last consideration for all of the devs out there who will be affected by this: if this policy leads to attacks or harassment on developer homes, the main person to blame will be the culprit, however a close second will be Google.

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