Project CARS XBOX ONE stand at EGX London 2014 is demoing the PC version?

Since we weren’t able to secure a Press Pass for EGX London 2014 I took it upon myself to buy a regular visitor ticket and have a stroll around to see what upcoming games are in a playable state.

A lot of interesting contenders out there and by far Project CARS was the best Racing experience this year, however I want to note something rather unsetteling about their XBOX ONE Stand. Here are two photos of the stand from two angles (one picture courtesy of Namco)

Project CARS XBOX ONE stand, credits to the NAMCO twitter account

Project CARS XBOX ONE stand, credits to the NAMCO twitter account

And a stand picture taken by myself while there

And a stand picture taken by myself while there

You can see that it’s set up with two 32 inch side screens and a bigger 40+ inch screen in the middle. As you come in your attention is obviously captivated by the big central screen and what a sight it is. The game is beautiful, I would say photo-realistic with great detail and effects, running at a stunning 4K resolution that just blows you awa…. wait a minute XBOX ONE doesn’t support 4K resolution.

Being a little puzzled and looked at the two side screens which were 1080p and there was a noticeable difference in quality… but not the cars. Once you start looking and paying attention to the background (buildings, grass, fences) you could see they weren’t as detailed. In an attempt to record this I tried to film the game with my phone which supports 4K capture and you can find this video below, however I don’t believe it shows the difference in quality at all due to it being just a mere phone (on youtube you can see it in 4K resolution as well):

Everything up to this point lead me to believe that perhaps this is not running on an XBOX ONE at all. Then I noticed this when I got home:

Crop from the picture above

Crop from the picture above

That looks a bit too much like a mouse… Let me check the video:

yep... still a mouse...

yep… still a mouse…

… damn it Namco…

This is not the first time we’ve seen PC versions of games running at the console stands but now this is just plain ridiculous. However this is not confirmed as when I tried to talk to the guys running the stand they said they have no comment.

So what do you think? PC version or someone forgot their mouse laying around?

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