Far Cry 4 Weapons Trailer Revealed

The Far Cry 4 Weapons for Kyrat trailer has just dropped and it is a feast for the weapon monger. It starts off with the line “Welcome to my church away from church”, an accurate statement, as this whole trailer is nothing short of weapon worship. Do they deserve it? Well, you be the judge of that.

Here’s the breakdown on the weapons:

  • Vector .45 ACP – rapid firing SMG, a killer at close range
  • MG42 – machine gun to spread the word of the weapon deity to many people at once
  • Mortar – newly introduced, they can be used to shell whole villages from a distance
  • Kukri – the standard-issued melee for the country
  • P416 – a reliable assault rifle, complete with scope
  • Bait – there’s no better way to get an animal to kill your enemies than to smear them in gore
  • Flamethrower – Can you say “W+M1”?
  • Auto-Crossbow – Eat your heart out, Gordon Freeman

Far Cry 4

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