Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gameplay Launch Trailer


The Call of Duty series will probably never die (despite the wishes of many that it will). Hordes of FPS enthusiasts who year after year buy each title will make sure of that. And so we reach the latest iteration of this successful series, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, for which the Gameplay trailer has just dropped.

A ton of action, tons of bullets, tons of polygons used in the creation of the graphics and of course Kevin Spacey still stuck in his House of Cards role (which is great, by the way). The graphics look incredible, and hopefully they were not enhanced post-recording in any way and will not suffer downgrades at launch, like some other games (*cough* Watch_Dogs *cough*).

So sit back, relax, because starting November 4th, you will have some scrubs to wipe out.

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