Hearthstone Expansion Name Confirmed?

It looks like Blizzard has filed a trademark application for the name “Eye of Azshara” which is making us think this will be Hearthstone’s new expansion title. The expansion is expected to be announced later this month, at BlizzCon, and there are a few pieces of information about it already. It has been confirmed by Blizzard staff members that:

  • There will be over 100 new cards.
  • The new cards will be obtainable from a new booster pack that you will be able to buy just like the Expert card packs, meaning we will now have two options in the store.
  • There will be a central theme for the new expansion.

    Map of Azshara

    Map of Azshara

But what IS the Eye of Azshara? Azshara is a zone in World of Warcraft that has an island in the middle of the map, resembling an eye. The Bilgewater Harbor is located on that island, a Horde town mostly populated by Goblins. Combining this with the fact that the November card back looks like it’s designed with Goblin Engineering in mind (not to mention the Goblins in the background), I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the Eye of Azshara will be a Hearthstone expansion themed around Goblins. I repeat, this is only an assumption, but I am pretty confident about it. 


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