The DreamHack Masters Bucharest 2014 Experience

DreamHack Masters Bucharest 2014 has ended, and we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Over 25000 people have gathered in Sala Polivalentă, which barely managed to accomodate all the passionate people that came to the biggest gaming event in Romania. Over the course of three days, the best e-sports players from our country but also from across the border have battled for prizes adding up to a total of $120000.  The event has been streamed online by 2.2 millions of people.


The Dota 2 Champions League trophy was awarded at DreamHack Masters Bucharest

Four of the best Dota 2 teams in the world (Natus Vincere, Team Tinker, Team Empire and Sneaky Nyx Assassins) fought for the D2CL cup. Over $75000 were allocated for this competition. The winners were the Ucrainian team Natus Vincere, whom faced Team Tinker in the grand finals and won the prize of almost $40000. Both teams showed exemplary skills but Na’Vi performed better and scored a flawless 3-0 victory.

The event has been commentated by the well known Toby “TobiWan” Dawson, along with the romanian players Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Crăciunescu and Ionuț “Ar1se” Turtoi.


The NESCAFÉ 3in1 Hearthstone has gone to the Netherlands

The 2nd eddition of the NESCAFÉ 3in1 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Tournament has been won by the netherlander Thijs Molendijk. 72 Hearthstone players competed for qualifying into the top 8 and earning a part of the prize pool. After a final match that lasted more than 30 minutes (the longest and best Warrior vs. Warrior game I’ve ever seen) against last year’s winner, Petar “Gaara” Stevanovic, Thijs won the 1st place, earning the prize of $4000.

photo_Thijs - olandezul care a castigat turneul Nescafe 3in1 Hearthstone


The Finals of the Romanian eSport Championship, at DreamHack Masters Bucharest

The 4th edition of the Romanian eSport Championship took place at DreamHack Masters Bucharest and now we know who will be representing Romania at the e-Sports World Championship that will take place at Baku, between 13 and 16 of November: team neXtPlease! for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, team Cede Nullis for Dota 2, team Ics Zece for League of Legends and MooDy for Hearthstone. Good luck boys, make us proud!

Cede Nullis - the romanian Dota 2 champions

Cede Nullis – the romanian Dota 2 champions


Cosplay Competition

DreamHack Masters Bucharest also held a cosplay competition, for those passionate about dressing up like their favourite characters from the gaming world. Besides a song mix-up everything went smoothly and several contestants entered the stage to be juried by Ruxandra Târcă (CosplayGen) and Elffi (world-famous cosplayer). The first place winner was Bejenaru Bianca, with a stunning LeBlanc costume, and she will be representing us at DreamHack Winter 2014, in Sweden. The 2nd and 3rd place, Pascal Kimi Iosefina (interpreting Queen of Pain) and Sora Ştefana (interpreting Infernal Nasus) did not leave empty handed, but were provided with a considerable supply of Red Bull.

the winner

the winner

Amongst other popular activities was the High School League of Legends Cup, where over 1000 teenagers from 150 high schools battled to be one of the four teams that fought at DreamHack Masters Bucharest 2014. Riot Games were present there and rewarded their fans with promotional in-game items. Some of the most beloved romanian Youtubers were present at the Stream Area, Creative Monkeys, Codrin Bradea, Mikey Hash and Bobospider being just a few of them.

The League of Legends zone definitely needs a bigger space

The League of Legends zone definitely needs a bigger space

The partners of DreamHack Masters Bucharest organized countless activities like gaming competitions, liquid nitrogen overclocking demonstrations, raffles and giveaways. The participants could also play in the numerous 1v1 games, be it on PC or console, or play on their own PC at the BYOC zone (Bring Your Own Computer).

DreamHack was such a success that it will return to Romania in 2015 and will expand to another city too: in Bucharest, between 24 and 26 of April, and in Cluj, between 23 and 25 of October, so let’s hope to see each other at an even bigger event, with more people, more competitions, bigger prizes and maybe a few more trash cans.  🙂

Now let’s see some numbers about DreamHack Masters Bucharest 2014:

  • Over 25000 people attented the event
  • 25% more tickets sold, compared to the Dreamhack event from april 2014
  • 11 ticket categories sold out
  • 40 hours of activities during the course of three days
  • 180 pro e-sports players from Romania and beyond
  • prizes summing a total of $120000
  • 285 computers, laptops and consoles
  • over 2.2 millions of people watching the online streams, resulting in a 37.5% increase in audience
  • 50 kilometers of network cables
  • 32 kilometers of video and audio cables
  • 1.4 kilometers of fiber optics
  • 10 Gbps bandwidth
  • 1.5 Gbps maximum speed
  • 28 970 attacks blocked (spyware, malware, DdoS etc.)
Bonus: selfie of me and Dendi

Bonus: selfie of me and Dendi

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