Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice Review

Yesterday was the launch of Telltale’s Iron from Ice, the first episode out of a total of six that will make their Game of Thrones series. Fortunately, Telltale provided us with a game worthy of the Game of Thrones name, that blends well with the story present in both the TV show and the majestic creation that is the Song of Ice and Fire. The game was clearly created for fans, so playing it without reading the books or watching the TV show is kind of pointless, as there is a lot of background knowledge required in order to understand the story.


The game is focused around the noble house Forrester, a family from the North loyal to house Stark that barely gets mentioned in the books. The action begins right before the notorious Red Wedding, that some of you should know already. I could only spot one mistake during the entire game, and that was in the prologue. While Gared, the first character you control, is making a toast, you can choose the phrase “The north remembers”, phrase that will be used only after the events that happen at the Red Wedding. A small mistake that we’ll choose to ignore. 


Over the few hours required to finish the first chapter, you will control three characters related to house Forrester: Gared, whom is Lord Forrester’s squire, Ethan, the third son of Lord Forrester and Mira, Ethan’s older sister. The decisions you make on each character will influence the others and will have an impact on the story that follows in the next episodes. You will often get announced that some of the characters you interact with will remember your decisions, so choose wisely.


Gared is the lowborn squire of Lord Forrester. His scenes are the ones with the most action and will include some button-mashing, adding a little bit of dynamism. You will have to make some important decisions that require sacrifice in order to obtain the greater good. His most important mission is to deliver a secret only to the certain ears, and even if you do so, you won’t find out what it was about. Typical for Game of Thrones, I pray to the Old Gods that it will be revealed in the second episode, it seemed very important.


Mira is the handmaiden of Margaery Tyrell, the soon-to-be queen of the Seven Kingdoms. She is located far away in King’s Landing, and gets involved in the battle for power between the Queen Regent, Cersei Lannister, and Margaery. There’s a certain level of finesse required for Mira’s scenes, as appeasing Cersei is no easy feat. The much beloved Tyrion Lannister also has an appearance in Mira’s scenes, and he’s the same as you remember him: clever, cynical and short.


Ethan’s scenes are a combination of Gared’s and Mira’s. In the absence of his father, Ethan is replacing him as Lord Forrester and faces responsibilities that exceed his age. There’s a blend of action and political intrigue that keeps you on your toes, as the Forresters have gotten off on the wrong foot with one of the most dangerous family in the seven kingdoms: the Boltons. I can’t spoil it for you, but one thing is certain: you don’t want to upset Ramsay.


Overall, Iron from Ice is a great game that any Game of Thrones fan should play (and there’s lots of us out there). The story fits well into what we already know, the characters are beautifully created and they are voiced by the actors that play them on the show, and just like a chapter from the book or an episode from the TV Show, it leaves you craving for more. Let’s hope we’ll get the second episode soon enough.

Here’s a commented gameplay video done by our own Vlad Badoiu:

Rating: EXCELLENT (shite, cash grab, mediocre, good, excellent).

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