Goblin Satirist Mocks Neptulon, Is Not Killed [satire]

Neptulon, the Water Elemental Lord worshipped by water elementals and water dwellers all around Azeroth, was the centerpiece of a series of caricatures created by the Goblin Guffawing Guild of Gagetzan. The caricatures in question depicted the almighty water lord in various humorous incarnations, the latest and most shocking entitled Niptulon.

This latest caricature was met with minimal outrage and shock by the Murloc dwellers of Kalimdor, partially because only few of them have subscriptions to the magazine which carries them, but mostly because they may not get the joke. To find out the exact reason why there hasn’t been any fallout or retaliation following this caricature, a few of our correspondents went to a nearby Murloc village.

When asked his opinion regarding the caricature, 5-year-old Murgill had this to say: “Mgrrl khak khak murgggl, plack mrrrgl grah”. Roughly translated, it means “We view this caricature as what it is, a lame little joke with no deeper significance.”

Having shed light on the reason behind this lack of action, our correspondents pat each other on the back for a job well done and before leaving had a small snack. In a completely unrelated piece of news from that area, after the interview Murgill mysteriously disappeared.

As for Neptulon, he himself could not be reached for comments, because for the last few years he too has gone missing. He was last spotted by a group of dungeoneers inside the Throne of Tides, being spirited away by Ozumat, the giant tentacled squid, scourge of the seas. It had been believed that Ozumat had hidden Neptulon inside the Abyssal Maw, however for reasons unknown nobody was able to enter it.

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