Exploding Kittens. Some thoughts


Have you heard about KISS(Keep It Stupid Simple) concept, right? Well, keep this principle in mind if you want to succeed in life, seriously. Every project you start at school, at work(if you can), as a business idea/startup etc you should keep it simple. Exploding Kittens, the card game, which is currently found on Kickstarter, is no exception to this principle. These guys managed to do a great job presenting their idea behind the game and they already reached 1.400.000$ and pledged for only 10.000$. And there are 29 days more to go. How great is that? Here is some reasons why this is a successful plan:

  • As I said, the idea is simple.
  • The graphics is retarded but funny.
  • It is presented in a funny way.
  • It’s something new? No. It doesn’t have to be something new every time. Facebook wasn’t the first social network, their card game is not the first card game in history.
  • It’s about kittens. Kittens are all over the internet. Just look on Youtube.
  • Keep it simple, don’t add lots of features. However, because it’s a card game they had to add a few features to create strategies.
  • Are they solving my everyday problems? No….maybe some boring Saturday nights. Solving people problems can increase the potential of your plan. But it’s not the case here.
  • Succeeded and failed in the past. I’m sure that these guys also failed in the past with some ideas, not necessarily as this team but as individuals or with other teams. They learned a lot from their or others mistakes.
  • Marketing. Well, maybe this is the most hard thing to do when you start a project. These guys had this from the beginning. I mean http://theoatmeal.com/ and Matthew Inman already have millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that they cheated or something, they have worked really hard to get where they are.
  • The team. Beside marketing, this is one of the most important things to get right from the beginning just when you start a project like this or in general. All guys must be on the same page and everybody must earn his spot in the team. What can I say? Choose wisely.
  • Add features to the game when you already have a fanbase. Always check their opinion on some features you want to add in the game. This is the key to evolution or revolution if you don’t :D.

I always try to think about these aspects when I start new projects. I admit that I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded. Luckily I’m young and I can still fail and succeed more 🙂

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