Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Announced

The Guild Wars franchise has always been one of the best buy once, play forever MMORPGs. The original game, comprised of 3 stand-alone parts and one expansion which make up a single world is still considered one of the best and unique MMORPGs of all time. Then came Guild Wars 2, which borrowed some ideas from WoW while mixing it up with enough mechanics and ideas to keep it unique. After an almost 3 year wait, in which the game story continued to expand (Living Story), ArenaNet have announced its first expansion.

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns trailer has just been announced at PAX along with this 3 minute trailer

It promises a number of new features, from the explorable Maguuma Jungle (oldie zone from the first games), to gliders, new bosses, new professions, higher customization with Specializations, a new class, a more dynamic world and many things besides.

It doesn’t have a release date, but presumably those of us who haven’t yet experienced all that Guild Wars 2 has to offer still have time to do before this new content drops.

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