IeSF has announced the games for the e-Sports World Championship

The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) has announced that they have selected the primary official games to be played in the 7th e-Sports World Championships 2015 which is being held at Łódź, Poland. Those are Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) and DOTA 2.

The games have been chosen my the 43 National Federations of IeSF. Based on the results of the Title Polling Survey, the IeSF Board has selected Dota 2 and CS:GO as the main games, and decided to open the participation to all people regardless of gender, age or disabilities.


DOTA 2 was one of the official game titles of the 6th e-Sports World Championship BAKU 2014. “NEWBEE”, the champion of “2014 The International” participated in the DOTA 2 competition as a representing team of China. The team managed to win the 1st place in the competition after beating Romania in the finals. On the other hand, CS:GO was first selected as the official title for e-Sports World Championship with recommendation of most National Federations. CS:GO is the most popular game in Poland, the host country of the 7th e-Sports World Championship.


IeSF will select additional individual games after negotiation with Game Developers and make the 2nd announcement for all official and demonstration game titles in February, 2015.

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