Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords Review

Yesterday was the release of the 2nd episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series, The Lost Lords. Continuing the first part, Iron from Ice, this episode goes deeper into the story of the noble house Forrester, in a manner that perfectly blends with the HBO TV show and has even been approved by the mighty George R. R. Martin. I will say it again, playing this game without watching the TV show or Reading the books is not at all recommended. It’s clearley a game made for those that are already fans of the series.

This episode keeps track of the adventures of 4 characters related to house Forrester. Each of them have their own decisions to make and everyhing you choose will impact the good of the house and as we well know, this can pretty much mean their lives. I was pleased to see that Telltale kept using the voices of the same actors that play the characters in the TV show and those that are new are very well made. It’s so good I WANT them to appear in the show. Or the books.  

The episode begins with a character we’ve known about since the last episode, but we didn’t have the pleasure to play until now. It’s the exiled son of Lord Forrester, Asher, who quickly became my favourite character in the game. His scenes are set in Yunkai, the Yellow City and are bloody, funny and intense. He travels in the company of Beska, a woman sellsword and after a few events involving killing mercenaries, a prisoner, a bounty and a brothel reference they are found by his uncle, who brings him a small new task: to come home with an army.


Rodrik, the eldest of the Forrester brothers now sports a beautiful face scar that can compete with Sandor Clegane’s. He is now the new Lord Forrester and he’s got most things to handle: a mutilated body, a funeral, a wedding and possible war with his house’s oldest enemies, house Whitehill. The game is full of action but it also contains subtle touches and show that every character is a human, with flaws and qualities. Being the Lord of his house didn’t stop Rodrik to offer to help his little sister in writing a song, but she declined, reminding him that Ethan, their now dead brother, was the one that helped her with songs. Indeed, in a picture from episode one, we can see Ethan and Talia together, playing a song. It’s things like this that make Game of Thrones more than a story about war and politics.


The other characters you get to play are Mira and Gared, whom you’ve played in the first episode of the series. Their stories are continued from where you left them, Gared being located at the Wall, and Mira in King’s Landing. They are both trying to help their families from afar, while also trying to prove themselves. Gared is now trying to become a ranger and has contact with the harsh conditions of the true North, meeting Jon Snow and the other men of the Night’s Watch. On the other hand, Mira is in the comfort of the capital, caught between the Tyrells, Lannister and a couple of Whitehill merchants that openly threaten her.

As the sequel of an impressive first episode, The Lost Lords had a big weight on its shoulders as we were expecting it to be at least as good as the Iron from Ice. Is Telltale’s Game of Thrones a good game? Yes. This second episode has proven that this is and will continue to be a strong series. It has everything it needs to be considered Game of Thrones-ish: great voice acting, soul touching music, it blends into the story and it has the right balance of combat, intrigue, humour and politics that we’re already used to.

‘Know what it misses? Nudity.

Rating: EXCELLENT (shite, cash grab, mediocre, good, excellent).

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