Hand of Fate Impressions

Don’t know what it’s up, but I came across making another review for a rougelike type of game, so I think that this kind of games are hitting the market pretty well because of there replay value. Unlike Sunless Sea which you can read my review over here this time I’m writing about a card game.


Magic tricks

Hand of Fate is developed by Defiant Development and was released a few days ago though Steam for the PC, and it’s a card game based game with RPG elements and combat. The style of the game is that you play against the dealer, which is a sorcerer of some sorts, which dictates your faith with encounters that are available in his deck. This gives the game a huge replay value because of the randomness that can be generated using the cards from your deck, and the ones from the dealer.

The game comes with two game modes : Story Mode and Endless Mode. The Story Mode consists of playing 12 bosses and by this unlocking the cards from which you can make your deck, and in Endless Mode you built a deck and put it to try to see how much it can resist against the dealer. The layout of the cards on the table are in a dungeon type, where you play several stages until you get to the final boss. You start out by creating your deck which is made up of Items cards, which are weapons, shields, helmets, armor and different buffs that you can use during combat, and Encounter cards which when activated you have to perform different quests, combat or take decision that can give you rewards or perform a maze.


Encounters Cards that I have unlocked so far.

You have a few resources that you have manage like Health, Gold and Food. The Health and Gold are pretty straight forward as in any RPG game, but the Food you have to pay attention the most because this allows you to play through the dungeons and progress. If you remain without food, each time you move to another card you lose an amount of your health, and this will not benefit you if you stumble upon a card with a lot of foes. At the start of the game you can get Curses or Blessing cards which will enhance your warrior. This type of cards have effect throughout the entire play of the dungeon you are in.


The combat arena is generated randomly every time

The combat isn’t the most sophisticated one , the mechanic is one of a hack and slash type in which you hit your enemies continuously and perform dashes when it’s indicated. Overall it reminds me a little bit of the Assassin’s Creed series type of combat.


Monster Cards are drawn when you have a combat encounter.

But the combat is not (from my point of view) the focal point of this game. By combining cards that you unlocked throughout the encounters in Story Mode you can build up decks which unique encounters and many variations. A nice feature which I find it really cool that they made it, is that when you unlock cards by defeating the bosses, they are listed as New cards in your deck. The only way to see what that encounter or weapon does is only by adding that card to your deck and playing it.


There are 4 enemy types : Ratmen, Lizardmen, Skeletons and Bandits.

Another thing that attracted me to this game is the art. The card drawings are well done, the character design is ok, nothing out of the ordinary. The only problem that I find is how the Lizardmen are drawn, they look more as chicken with scales then some actual biped lizards. The voice acting and the interactions that you have with the sorcerer are funny and well done, filled with a lot of jokes regarding RPG players and stereotypes.


He barely touches those cards when he shuffles them.


Although the game still has some bugs and it crashed a few times, this is still a good buy. Being an indie game so well done, with a lot of variations that you can make, huge replay value, very entertaining and challenging in creating unique decks I find it a good game. I hope that the developers will add new cards, character customization and maybe even a multiplayer or co-op feature. Also if you have a controller, I would recommend playing it with one. I played it with my Xbox 360 controller on the PC and the combat and movement of the character played so fluently.

Rating: GOOD (shite, cash grab, mediocre, good, excellent).

I have always enjoyed looking at video games other then being a way of losing some hours when you have some spare time. I’ve graduated from “Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and IT”, University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest in 2013. Now I study Advanced Microelectronics at the same university, I'm working as a QA Engineer for a software company and I'm trying to be up-to-date on the latest hardware and software technologies.

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