“Cities: Skylines – After Dark” expansion Review

Cities: Skylines is not perfect, but it’s the best modern city building simulator on the market. It has taken the ideas envisioned by SimCity and improved on them significantly. The result, is a game embraced and loved by casual gamers and professional engineers alike.cs6

A proof of its quality is the fact that the Facebook Community for Cities:Skylines has grown and surpassed the SimCity group in number of members, although the latter dates since back in 2013, and Cities:Skylines was not released until March 2015.

Ever since its inception, Colossal Order, the developer of Cities:Skylines, gained the reputation that they listen to the consumers and that our feedback is reflected into the game one way or another.


“Cities:Skylines – After Dark” finally introduces the most requested and anticipated feature to date, more specifically day and night cycle. And all that, for free. The day and night cycle feature is a free update, everybody can benefit from. Although “After Dark” is the title’s first expansion, it’s core mechanic is a free patch, deployed on Steam on 24th of September 2015 for all users.
The paid features of the expansion just come on top of that, to work in full synergy with the free changes.


The first visible result Colossal Order has accomplished is, in fact, something that players do not actually care about so much in a game like Cities: Skylines, and that is immersion.
Building Cities now is a more of an immersive experience than ever before. The breathtaking scenery opens the possibility of making endless screenshots featuring different moments of the day. It feels organic, natural and unique, every single time.

As part of the paid content, Colossal Order have introduce new features: Specialized Commercial zones as either leisure or tourism oriented, taxi service, as an on-demand transportation service, bikes and special bike lanes, new city policies that can be applied, as well as an International Airport (Not the same one that is already usable in the base game).
New monuments and unique buildings are naturally also included.

The crime system as received a significant improvement and a new building in the chain.
Crime rates tend to be higher at night, as opposed to their rates by day, and the criminals are being taken over by the police and imprisoned at the police station. After a while, they are released and chances are, they repeat their crimes.
This is where the special building comes in – the Prison. The Prison is a building where the criminals are taken and the place where correction methods are being applied to them accordingly, so that they can return as normal behaving citizens later.


It is clear that the main focus of the expansion is the beautification of your cities, making them more alive, especially at dark. This is another reason why the leisure system and options have been improved. A tourism-oriented city on a tropical island can be customized in a way they it completely shows its purpose. Fishing piers, water skating and water restaurants are only a few of the many beach related assets introduced by the expansion.

A very big plus is that the game core itself has not been change enough so that mod users are impacted for a long period of time. I am not using more than 5 to 7 mods at any given time, but for all I can tell, my old saves were not damaged by the expansion rollout, even if they were created with the help of mods.


“Cities: Skylines – After Dark” is a cherry on top of a cake that was already sweet and beautiful. A great community and caring developers is the key for achieving a fantastic game in 2015. This game is the sheer proof that, the closer the developers are to their fans, the more supportive is the community. I am having a blast every time I check the community resources for inspiration or advice.

Cities: Skylines – After Dark : EXCELLENT (shite, mediocre, good, excellent).

My real name is Mihai Voicu (using the nickname of Mihai Krieger almost everywhere). I'm a 24 years old casual gamer living in Bucharest, Romania. I've been gaming for as long as I remember, but only on a casual, relaxed basis. I started back in the 90's on a Famicom console, moving on to PSX in 1998 and to computer in the early 2000's. Back then, I was playing mainly Real Time Strategy games, moving on to RPGs and Survival Horror genre in mid 2000's. I've been into World of Warcraft for almost 7 years now, raiding no more than three days a week.

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