Sven Co-op

We all get that warm,nice feeling whenever we stumble upon a game we used to play in our youth,more exactly the period in which the gaming universe has brought us some of the most memorable games. The birth of games like: Quake, Unreal Tournament, Wolfenstein 3D, everyone has at least one name that he can reminisce over past times. Throughout all the games that come from that period, there also is a game that, for many, was, still is, and will be “The best game of all time”, and those are: the Half-Life games.


Released back in 1998, Half-Life came with an immersive, impressive world, with challenging levels and a superb storyline. Most of the games at the time didn’t have much depth in the story. Mainly you simply had to run and shoot and the story felt irrelevant, but in Half-Life it was different. The story doesn’t seem like much,but there is more to it than it seems – an experiment goes wrong and it creates a portal to another planet which allows hostile aliens to go through. Eventhough it seems nothing much,  you can always feel that there’s more depth put into the story. The pacing is perfect and the world you are playing in is still interesting to look at. The level design is amazing and it does hold up today, even if some of the levels may feel a bit too long. All of the weapons are unique and have use for them. All of them are useful in certain situations. There’s also a big variety on how to defeat your enemy,having a big array of weapons to use,and also,the iconic crowbar that made the franchise famous.


And today,an ambitious team of modders and developers have come up and released, let’s say, a “rebirth” of the game. Sven Co-op.
Sven Co-op is basically Half-Life, but it opens up the opportunity for players to experience the full campaign along with other players or their friends. What’s special about this? It’s just that ,such a challenging and immersive gameplay, coupled with the nostalgia of the time and the occasional banter over Teamspeak or Skype ,that makes this game special. Go through Gordon Freeman’s adventure through the Black Mesa facility and re-live the moments that made this game so phenomenal at it’s time.  The gameplay is the same, the graphics are the same, the story is the same. The modders have left it as it was so that the game experience doesn’t get lost with other additions to it. The only official addition to it is the multiplayer, which excels in a fast-paced, hectic gameplay, coming up with some new maps and the classic “MEDIC! TAKE COVER!” screams of your team-mates over and over again (the players that used to play the Half-Life multiplayer mods will know). It’s just pure fun, whacking each other with crowbars, blood splattering all over the walls like the most primal stone age cave paintings and people block each other on the hallways just  to pour more fuel on the fire. This is the time in which great games get reborn,and it is a great occasion for players to grab this free mod off Steam,give it a try,and experience an FPS that was the inspiration of many other games of the same genre. 


I've been enjoying games since I was 4 years old,and now i am passionate about games that rely heavily on it's storyline.

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