Super Intergalactic Gang

Super Intergalactic Gang is a classic arcade shoot-em-up which will keep you swearing and replaying a lot more than expected!

You can play either solo or with a friend in a local co-op game. You also get to choose from a roster of over 20 characters which are clear references to some of the most recognizable individuals in movies, such as Luke Skywalker named “Luke Skycrawler” in the game, Deadpool named Swimming Pool or you can just play as “Naked Guy”.

Before you get to choose your desired hero to save the galaxy you are presented with a small and funny story to get you started.

The game itself is a fast-paced classic arcade shoot-em-up in which you get various weapons for killing the overwhelming waves of enemies, small bonuses for killing each one of the 10 bosses and you get to play with your superpower which allows you to slow time and get those sweet close-call kills.

Oh did I mention that you have to dodge countless attacks from your enemies and their suicidal attempts? Yeah, it’s not really a walk in the park, you WILL die a lot and get frustrated, trust me!

But all in all, Super Intergalactic Gang is a fun game to play when you have that half-hour left until you have to go to your job or you have some meeting to go to and you just have to play something fun.

Super Intergalactic Gang


A personal grade for this game would be a 9/10 because it’s a really fun game that reminds you of the good old times at the arcades, and if you really want to save the galaxy as The Hulk flying through space and swinging a lightsaber while slowing time to cut your enemies, Super Intergalactic Gang is your game!

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