American Truck Simulator – Hauling on the dirt road – My Experience

American Truck Simulator is not just another indie game.


American Truck Simulator is not just another indie game. It is not just another simulation game. Even if you are not a fan of the simulation genre, this one in particular is different. It is the product of SCS Software, a very experience company at pushing out simulation games, with many years of experience and at the same time, the authors of the highly acclaimed Euro Truck Simulator 2, which is, without any shade of a doubt, the most popular simulation game on the market.


What do you do in American Truck Simulator? You are hauling throughout California and Nevada states, completing various deliveries and earning money to extend your own trucking Company. Be aware that the game launches with only two states, California and Nevada, Arizona following shortly after as a free piece of DLC. If driving on American highways and country roads while listening to your favorite radio station satisfies you, American Truck Simulator is the game for you.


Structurally, you start off the same as you would in Eurotruck Simulator 2; initially you complete deliveries as a hired driver, in other company’s trucks and you make sure to deliver the safe, undamaged and in time. Based on your performance, you earn money and experience points. For a headquarter, you get a ran-down garage, which you eventually develop into a full-fledged building.

As your grow and gain trust, the Bank is willing to grant you a loan, which is completely optional. If you decide to accept the loan, you open the possibility to purchase your very own truck. The utmost basc version, but the catch is, that you earn much more income if you complete deliveries in your own truck, as opposed to driving trucks of other enterprises.

Having your own truck, you are fully responsible from that point on and you have to purchase your own fuel and pay your own truck service and maintenance. As you level up, you open up more upgrades for your truck, and gain skill points, as you would in an RPG game. These points can be spent by choice to various perks which increase your productivity. For example,. you can get a license to be allowed to carry out high-risk contracts like the transportation of explosive and flammable goods. Or, you can earn a license to transport fragile goods. These goods pay better, but require increased level of attention from your side.


Is the game much different from Eurotruck Simulator 2 ? Sadly, no. It runs on the same graphic engine as ETS2, does not support DirectX 11 yet and lacks content at the moment of writing this review.


Do I recommend it in its current state? If you have not played Eurotruck Simulator 2 and held back for this game, I can definitely recommend the game to you.  It runs well, it has launched with no bugs and looks beautifully. The landscapes and breathtaking and it’s well worth your 20€ for the experience it offers.  However, if you have already played Eurotruck Simulator 2, I can only recommend the game if you want to see how it grows and develops over time, or you want more of the same thing.  It’s important to say that most actual ETS2 mods can be used in ATS, even though dozens of ATS specific mods are published for free every day.

Final Opinion: GOOD (Shite, Cash Grab, Mediocre, Good, Excellent) with a very high possibility to turn this mark into EXCELLENT once more content has been added to the game.

My real name is Mihai Voicu (using the nickname of Mihai Krieger almost everywhere). I'm a 24 years old casual gamer living in Bucharest, Romania. I've been gaming for as long as I remember, but only on a casual, relaxed basis. I started back in the 90's on a Famicom console, moving on to PSX in 1998 and to computer in the early 2000's. Back then, I was playing mainly Real Time Strategy games, moving on to RPGs and Survival Horror genre in mid 2000's. I've been into World of Warcraft for almost 7 years now, raiding no more than three days a week.

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