GTA V online had the most profitable week

GTA V online had the most profitable week The well-known Grand Theft Auto V is on the verge this days, even though the game has more than 2 years on the market with more than 60 millions copies sold within 1 week.

Last week, Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two announced that the fans are still delighted by the online mode of the game and that the profits and the number of the active players were a record since this past holiday. Even though, he did not say the exact numbers, we might guess that the approximate number of 8 million players had a well payed contribution to the sellers.


Like most of those active players, I guess you can be one of them, after you got bored by the timeline of the story in the offline mode. Let’s face it, Trevor, Michael and Franklin are 3 different personalities that will keep you interested for a long time while playing the story, but everyone is even more attracted by the online part of the game, where you can be more wild, especially since the developers added some free add-on content, or updates like Halloween or Christmas.

Also, an update for Valentine’s day is expected to the added this month. We’ll wait for it and we hope this game never gets old ! Share in the comments below how would you want the game to be changed in the near future.

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