Plantera – Review

Plantera is a brand new clicker game developed and published by VaragtP.

Let me tell you from the beginning, I was greatly surprised by this game. Usually, clicker games don’t carry much magic with them, but Plantera manages to do so by the atmosphere it creates. You start off building your own garden, raising crops (carrots, pumpkins) and critter (pigs,sheep,chicken), planting trees (peaches,apples),  the usual farmer stuff. I must say, that the game starts in force, with absolutely no tutorial or any hint on what you have to do. But you link them all together and realize that the things you grow and collect are of the utmost importance, as the crops you are raising provide gold coins which allow you to expand your garden or buy more crops.2016-02-05_00001

Your garden will constantly be the target of nasty little pests like foxes, crows, moles, rabbits, all of them trying to steal away your hard-earned products. The gameplay is really fast-paced and it keeps you concentrated at the screen, so that you can collect your crops and smack the living hell out of the intruders. Other than defending the garden on your own, you can also acquire dogs that scare off the other animals. You also have some farmers that help you out with taking out the crops or tending to the animals. They are a peculiar bunch I must say, these cyan jelly-like creatures that have the most idle faces, they seem to stare down your soul. The blue people never smile. The blue people look at me while I play, I watch them pick crops, they watch me back like they’re up to something. Not going to lie, after a few hours of playing this, I’m scared that they will jump off the screen and get me.2016-02-05_00003

The game starts getting harder once you expand your farm, because your vision is reduced and you have to keep your eyes peeled for the foxes and moles and what-not. In the end, everything becomes a crazy mixture of apples falling down on the ground, carrots popping out,, critters, foxes, moles, crows, rabbits, coins flying around fill up your screen. I must say, it is very entertaining and fun.

The graphics are very colorful, animated, which gives the game a cartoonish vibe. The soundtrack that plays in the background is also very catchy. It reminds me of the beat The Sims has when you go in Construction Mode, it just sends out a radiant feeling of positivity.2016-02-05_00002

The only negative aspect I can think about is the fact that it is a clicker game, which means that the available content will be unlocked and played through very quick, BUT, the developers are currently working on an update that will introduce some more.

To conclude, Plantera is an entertaining, alive and fun world, doing it’s job perfectly, and at the small price of only 3 dollars on Steam, you will get a cute game that will keep you hooked whenever you find yourself in a situation when you need to let off some steam.   

Final Opinion: GOOD  (Shite, Cash-Grab, Mediocre, Good, Excellent) 

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