Amazon Games releases game engine for those eager to create games

Amazon Lumberyard, as it is called, it is firstly a free game engine, that allows developers to connect their games and modify them with the help of this cross-platform, of course. Though it is currently in beta, this 3D engine promises a lot. Imagine the possibilities of expanding your imagination in creating endless worlds and characters and what’s best it is that you can create catchy effects for them. It has a full-featured editor and many other features, for the best quality achievable.


Developers will be pleased to create satisfying games with the most professional tools. Plus, with the visual scripting tool, even beginners can add cloud-connected features in a blink of an eye. The games can be connected to the vast compute and storage of the AWS Cloud, so there’s more time for the enthusiasts to build whatever crosses their brilliant minds and to enlarge their communities of fans, because Amazon Lumberyard comes with a bonus: Twitch it is integrated into the engine. Creators can easily add viewers to join and watch while they are doing their job and they can also interact with the viewers, that can send gifts or vote the creations.

t69dr6cf6patwmtakmzdThis is a really good news for everyone that is doing this as a hobby, because their hobby can be transformed into an attractive world-played game, which will bring them tons of money. The engine can be downloaded from their official website. Share your ideas with us and tell us what would you do with such power of creation.

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