Curvatron Review

Curvatron is an arcade indie game, that is a modern version of the Snake you used to play on your Nokia 3310, but it has a twist, your snake can only move in circles.The controls are pretty simple, just one button, any button on your keyboard will work, and you just have to press it to change the direction your little snake moves in.ss_e7501e4b946e55cebbc2ce7ad3d86afc0f196918.1920x1080

It is very fun if what you are looking for is a casual and relaxing game, which can keep you frustrated at the same time as keeping you engaged in striving for a better and better score.You can play solo in several ways. Adventure which is some kind of a campaign, giving you new levels to beat with set objectives which are not really that complicated, you have to eat and not die.

ldHAOMWYou also have the classic mode, in which you just grow until you bite yourself and die trying to get a better score, you have the evergrowing mode in which you just grow as you move and you get scored based on how long you can get, and you have the creative mode in which you can basically draw with your snake and just have fun with the shapes.

You can also play in multiplayer mode with up to 7 more friends locally and each of you have one specific button to use. The winner is the one who can gather the most points in the given time.There are also custom games created by the community, and you can also create your own levels.Although I feel like the music could have been a bit less dull, the game is fun and it reminds me of the good old days when snake was all the hype in owning a Nokia 3310.

Final Opinion: GOOD (Shite, Cash-Grab, Mediocre, Good, Excellent)

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