Super Ubie Island REMIX Super Short Review

Ubie needs your help. He has crash landed on Earth and needs your agile finger power to get him through a slew of stages filled with cartoony critters hell bent on ruining his (acid) trip. But do not fear, for you will have all of 3 mechanics to aid you in your epic diabetes inducing quest (it’s the graphics). But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Super Ubie Island Remix seems to be an old school NES game, at least in theory. Simple mechanics, platforming, different enemies each with their own characteristics and environments which you have to navigate by observing their quirks and reacting fast. What sets it apart from the classics is a stage selection system combined with the classic mobile achievement mechanic of getting 3 stars (or interchangeable objects) per level via completing certain objectives (in this case, collecting bees in hard to reach places). In your travels you can also collect coins, which stack up and have a very clear purpose, which we will get to eventually.

Super ubie 1

The mechanics in question are the simple jump, the double jump (resettable after jumping on an enemy) and gliding for short periods of time (in other words, slowing down your fall in order to reach a ledge or whatever else you may target). As you progress through the levels, these abilities must be used to their full potential in order to continue.

One example I can think of is an instance where Ubie has to navigate a fall through a labyrinth of spikes which reminded me of an obstacle in the popular indie game VVVVVV. The complexity of some levels and the challenge of getting the full score on all of them makes this a decent game to play.

Super ubie 4

There is also a store where you can buy extra soundtracks for the game, but thankfully only with the coins you collect inside the game. I am also pleased to report that the coins cannot be bought with real money, so you will have to grind your way to new music for your gameplay experience.

Super ubie 3

The graphics are cartoony and have a certain charm to them and the soundtrack is fitting. Some people may find the price tag unjustified, which will probably put a lot of people off. My recommendation is that before you spend your money on this particular indie platformer, you buy and play some classics, like Braid, VVVVVV, World of Goo, Super Meat Boy and a few others. Buy and play this if you are into the genre or just want a kid friendly arcade game. Or you just like the sound of what I described above.

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