League of Legends launched mobile app

To the delight of its fans, League of Legends has developed a mobile app to encourage players to socialize more with their friends, even when they are not at home or they don’t have a laptop/PC available for the moment. The app is called League Friends and allows its users to connect to their favorite MOBAen_US_friends_mobile_app-300x188 account in no time. The app is still in the process of development and it will be improved soon. So, for now, the players can only talk to their friends and receive notifications when a friend invited them to play. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty curious about the possible features the app might have in the future. Maybe you will even be able to watch friends playing. The app is only available in America and Oceania for now, but they promised it will be available in the other regions soon. So, take your phone( you must have iOS 8.3 or android 4.1.1 or newer versions) and download the app and start socialize ! Tell us in the comments how would you like the app to be improved.


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