in2gpu announcement

As you might have noticed we parted ways with Nicolae Andrei due to some misunderstandings . He decided that it s better to move all his performance guides (posts) on another website. We don’t want to turn this into a drama and we want to move on, so here are a few plans for the future with four announcements for the website:

1. We are happy to announce a long time partnership with  We want to cover more games on our website, however we can’t afford buying all the games that are coming out and Kinguin offered to help us in this way.


2. We have a new type of format for our game reviews. We hope that our reviews will help you decide if you are going to buy the games or not based on our analysis.

3. We have a new member in our team from USA which is going to take care of performance guides at in2gpu. Stay tuned for Far Cry Primal Fear.

4. We started our 3rd chapter in “Opengl From Zero To Hero” series.

in2gpu Team

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