Legion TD is brought back to life by its newer version

If you never heard of Legion TD, especially if you played Defense of the Ancients, then you really don’t know what you have lost. This popular RPG map gained field among DotA players with its strategy and kept its fans close with different version. The original map, which came out in 2009 attracted an impressive number of 1 million players all around the world. Good news is that its creators cooked up something for us in the last years and now they need 50,000$ for the newer version, Legion TD 2. The game is in Kickstarter for now and it will remain there until the end of March and luckily for us, the game just raised 33,000$ in the first day. They only need a bit more so the game can be released in beta( and it will have 4 playable races in the first instance). You can find more info about the game on its official website.


I, personally, can barely wait for this game to come to live, because I was one of the games I played for a long time and I still do. I also hope the game will beat its previous version and will delight us with its game-play. Tell us in the comments which was your favorite race, Prophet or Hybrid, and how you would win the game, by getting value or by increasing income.

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