Dying Light – The Following: Enhanced Edition

Let me get started by saying that I reviewed Dying Light when it first came out, and I was not particularly impressed. The reason for this is because I had great expectations from a game I had highly anticipated and wanted to be well made.

I wanted Dying Light to be a staple for the Zombie Game genre and a reference for future games, especially that Techland have allegedly made no compromises when it came about game development process. Instead, the game ended up being good, but rather generic and under-optimized. In November 2015, Techland announced the game’s re-release in the shape of the Enhanced Edition, which was not only to include all the DLCs released so far for the game and a brand new Expansion, but the literal enhanced version of existing mechanics, textures, arsenal choices AI, and more.


Oh boy, they delivered! Let us start with the DLC called „The Following”.

The main story is short, but in my books, more interesting than the main story of the vanilla game. Kyle Crane, the protagonist, ventures outside of Harran into the open fields of a new map called „The Countryside” in en effort to clear the mystery of a group of people, who claimed to be immune to the Harran VirusAs the action unfolds, the player is exposed to a wide variety of unique and interesting side quests, fantastic scenarios and new features exclusive to the DLC.

Apart from the visual and gameplay enhancements this full fledged Enhanced Edition brings, here are the spotlight features brought in by “Dying Light – The Following: Enhanced Edition”.

  • Two new skill trees to develop your character: The “Driving” skill tree is exclusive to the DLC, where you level up your skill to drive your own vehicle and tweak it.
    The “Legendary” skill tree, which adds a great deal of replay value to the game: it works as a meta-level beyond the traditional levels and allows you to further empower your character. Once you have maxed out all other skill trees, all of the subsequent XP gained will be added to the “Legendary” pool. In case you wonder, there are 250! Legendary Levels in the game.
  • Nightmare Mode difficulty: this new addition offers a challenge for the hardcore fans. It is basically Hard Mode on steroids. It rewards more XP and rewards playing the game in Co-Op. For every additional player in your gaming session, you gain +10% additional XP.
  • New weapons you can wreck havoc with
  • A CAR! yes, you get to drive your own car as the main method of maneuvering yourself from one place to another in the open fields. The car (Referred to as “The Buggy” has its own progression path with its own skill tree)

The price tag is 50€ for the whole experience. If you already own Dying Light, you are receiving all the enhancement updates for free. The DLC itself comes with a price of 20€, which is a very good deal for the amount of content and enjoyment it offers.

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  • Free enhancements for free
  • Fair price tag
  • Huge DLC map
  • Great side quests
  • Overwhelming amount of content
  • Interesting story
  • Excellent, improved, stable co-op experience
  • Meaningful co-op experience.
  • Good performance


  • NPCs lack individuality
  • Main quest itself is rather short
  • Navigation in the DLC map is hindered by mountains and gets frustrated at times

For me, “Dying Light – The Following: Enhanced Edition” is the redemption of Dying Light and kicks its quality up a couple of notches. It is a breath of fresh air and transforms the game from a good game, into an excellent one.

 I have secretly loved Dying Light from the very first day, believed it its potential, and now I can only rejoice that my hopes were not in vain. I wanted Dying Light to be successful. I wanted Dying Light to succeed and be appreciated.I cannot stop playing again since its re-release. Please keep the dream alive! Good night, and Good Luck!

Final Verdict: EXCELLENT

My real name is Mihai Voicu (using the nickname of Mihai Krieger almost everywhere). I'm a 24 years old casual gamer living in Bucharest, Romania. I've been gaming for as long as I remember, but only on a casual, relaxed basis. I started back in the 90's on a Famicom console, moving on to PSX in 1998 and to computer in the early 2000's. Back then, I was playing mainly Real Time Strategy games, moving on to RPGs and Survival Horror genre in mid 2000's. I've been into World of Warcraft for almost 7 years now, raiding no more than three days a week.

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