Not all mods will be supported on Microsoft’s UWP


This week, Microsoft it’s holding its annual Build developer conference which is taking place at San Francisco. There is live stream about their presentations on several websites and also the schedule containing the local time for all areas on the globe. Yesterday they talked about Windows, Xbox and Cortana, they also mentioned what is going to happen to overlays and mods. Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, announced that the Universal Windows Platform won’t support all mods.Screenshot_4

The mods is where we’ll probably have some discussion. If I go in and change the executable in a way—if I actually go in and reorder the code or inject code paths the developer didn’t originally intend, then the problem is I don’t know if that modification is to fix a broken game, or to add some kind of phishing tool to the game so that now it’s capturing my passwords as I’m typing them into Chrome.

I don’t know as the developer, or more importantly as the consumer, which of those it isSo I would always try to find an endorsed path by the game creator to say, ‘here’s how we want people injecting code and modifications into the game’ and us supporting that, which we will go do. This idea that things can kind of run amok on the machine, and put, I’m going to say, malicious code—not saying mods are malicious, but it’s hard to differentiate.

This is only a part about what Spencer said about the mods. For full info about the new changes and how it will affect all of us, watch the live streams from the conference. Tell us in the comments what do you think it should be changed and why.

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