Players from Rust can’t change their gender

The new update that was introduced into Rust game was adding female characters to this survival mode. Players aren’t happy about it because you can’t customize your character nor change its gender. New players had assigned to them female characters and the selection is based upon their Steam ID.


And the bad part is that nothing can be changed because the character is permanently tied up to their account. Gary Newman, one of the Rust’s developers talked about this issue:

Didn’t want to go down [the] route of having the character customization be 80 percent of the game. We were also talking about how we hate how players are recognizable by their names floating over their heads. How, in an ideal world, players would be recognizable by what they look like. And this would be consistent and follow them around permanently. You are who you are. Before we added different races and genders, you played as a bald white guy–you never had a choice. So we’re not taking a choice away from the player, we’re just adding more variety to the player models. I don’t believe that playing as a different gender/race detracts from anyone’s enjoyment of the game.

Also, last year the game randomly assigned different skin color and facial features to players. Tell us in the comments what you think about this and how it influenced you.

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