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Software engineer (computer graphics) & CS PhD Padawan. Interested in game engine dev, GLSL, computer vision, GPGPU, V.E./V.R, algo challenges, & Raspberry Pi dev. When I don't shift bits, I enjoy playing SC2, driving to new places, drawing, and playing guitar.

Texture Mapping Continued

The previous tutorial introduced the foundation of texture mapping in OpenGL, and focused on illustrating how a .BMP texture file is correctly mapped to a cube mesh. This is a great starting point, and during the current tutorial we will take it one step further by introducing texture loading libraries, the notion of multitexturing, and UV…

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The Model Matrix

The transformation pipeline – a “Spatial Odyssey” In OpenGL geometric transformations are required in order to describe how the scene looks like. This involves converting from one coordinate system to another (since mesh data is introduced in 3D notation and has to be converted to 2D screen space). The previous tutorials built a mathematical foundation…

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Geometric Transformations Part III

Matrix representation of 3D transformations As discussed in the previous tutorial, a 3 x 3 matrix defines a 2D transformation through the use of homogeneous coordinates. In a similar manner 3D transformations can be described though 4 x 4 matrices which is the topic of the current tutorial (and last part of the “Geometric Transformations”…

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Geometric Transformations Part II

Homogeneous coordinates & matrix representation of 2D transformations The previous tutorial offered an introduction to 2D-space coordinates, and how to express an object in a coordinate system via matrices. The present tutorial will build on this information and introduce affine transformations by expressing 2D coordinates using 3 x 3 matrices, and as we will see…

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Geometric Transformations

Vertex Transformation – A Spacial Odyssey After going through the novice “initiation” part of this tutorial series, you now possess a better grasp on the elemental aspects of real-time 3D rendering in modern OpenGL. There’s a lot of ground to cover still, and at this point it’s time to set a solid foundation in basic…

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