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I have always enjoyed looking at video games other then being a way of losing some hours when you have some spare time. I’ve graduated from “Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and IT”, University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest in 2013. Now I study Advanced Microelectronics at the same university, I'm working as a QA Engineer for a software company and I'm trying to be up-to-date on the latest hardware and software technologies.

Blue Sheep Impressions

Puzzle platform games are one of my favorite game type. The attention for the environment and characters that is given to this type are very important. And when these two elements are done well and an appealing story or subject is laid out, it makes people curious to play it. This time I got my hands…

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Hand of Fate Impressions

Don’t know what it’s up, but I came across making another review for a rougelike type of game, so I think that this kind of games are hitting the market pretty well because of there replay value. Unlike Sunless Sea which you can read my review over here this time I’m writing about a card game.…

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Sunless Sea Impressions

If you are a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan (which I am) this game will surely get your attention. Sunless Sea is a game developed by Failbetter Games set in the Fallen London universe. Fallen London is a browser game which I wasn’t familiar with it until now, but from what I was told I should…

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Awesomenauts Impressions

We all know that MOBA games have been a big deal in the gaming industry for the last few years. And it’s normal considering that the game mechanics are simple but can be made complex by gamers : you have some lanes, some characters all with 4 special abilities (or 1000 like that dude Invoker from Dota 2), you have…

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