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Howdy y'all! I'm a Systems Engineer working day (and sometimes night) to fix all of your VoIP communications problems but my heart resides with the over-captivating world of gaming. Although I can't say too much about gaming engines and raw usage of the GPU, when it comes to multiplayer LAN, WAN, MMO or CO-OP (local or otherwise) I'm your guy. Follow me on : Google + , Twitter, Facebook

XG VR Headset – Review

I received my XG VR  headset yesterday, and as you could imagine i was pretty excited: And although most people appreciated the humorous intent behind my little video, I’ve had plenty of requests for more details from multiple individuals so here we are, my review of the XG VR headset! The hell is it? Quality-wise,…

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Enemy Mind – Impressions

“Memories stick to me every time I jump. They jumble together, and there’s no time to sort them out”… I wonder how many people relate to this quote. Coming home after working a minimum of 8 hours under stressful conditions, you always seem to find yourself lost in those trailing thoughts attempting your best to…

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