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Howdy y'all! I'm a Systems Engineer working day (and sometimes night) to fix all of your VoIP communications problems but my heart resides with the over-captivating world of gaming. Although I can't say too much about gaming engines and raw usage of the GPU, when it comes to multiplayer LAN, WAN, MMO or CO-OP (local or otherwise) I'm your guy. Follow me on : Google + , Twitter, Facebook

Space Engineers Preview

I am a very big space fan and enjoy most space-themed games. There is something very captivating about the possibility of near infinite places to explore and things to see, of which we as a species have managed to explore an insignificant amount so far. However I do also highly enjoy building and creating things,…

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Elite Dangerous Preview

The year is 3300. Humanity expanded beyond the reach of Earth and has gone outside of its own solar system “Sol” in search for resources, new species and trading opportunities. Expansion however was very slow until 200 years ago, when the technologies of frameshift and hyperjump were perfected, giving rise to faster than light travel…

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