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OpenGL FPS Camera Quaternion

Last time we created a First Person Shooter (FPS) camera style using rotation matrices for orientation. In this tutorial we will create the same camera but instead of using rotation matrices we will use quaternions. Small introduction to quaternions First Person Camera implement I Gimbal lock with quaternions First Person Camera implement II Conclusions  …

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Debugging OpenGL Part II

In the previous tutorial we saw how hard and painful it is to work with glGetError. Luckily in OpenGL 4.3 a new feature was introduced called Debug Output that makes OpenGL error checking much more easier. Prior to version OpenGL 4.3 this feature was just an extension that can be found under the following names:  AMD_debug_output (was first…

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Debugging OpenGL Part I

Before we go further with our tutorials, we have to create a debugging system for our architecture (presented in Chapter I) to catch possible errors or warnings from the OpenGL API. At the moment we can only defend our program from shader errors when we try to read and compile them (check this tutorial on reading…

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View Matrix

In the previous article we saw that our input mesh data (all vertices) requires 7 main stages of transformations to finally reach the window space coordinates. The first 4 stages are represented by matrix multiplications. You may still wonder why do we need three matrices and why we multiply them. Well, we use matrices to…

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