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I'm an engineer, currently employed at a financial software company. My interests include gaming, LPing and, of course, reviewing, but also game dev and graphics. Also, in the past I've dabbled in amateur photography, reviewing movies and writing short stories and blog posts. I am also a huge Song of Ice and Fire fan, but that's beside the point. Youtube Channel, Deviantart , Google + , Twitter

Void 21 Review

In a world of minimalistic graphics and red skies, do you have the courage to brave a seemingly infinite number of levels filled with obstacles and enemies, blasting and outmaneuvering your way to success? If so, then you have come to the right place. Void 21 is an infinite indie arcade game with procedurally generated…

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Rogue State Review

The glorious revolution has succeeded. The former puppet ruler who sold our country to foreign interests is now cast down and we are free to choose our own political path. We are in the midst of reforging our system, rekindling our traditions and ascending to new heights. The way we shall do it is completely…

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Never Alone Foxtales Review

In November of 2014 I had the pleasure to review an indie game called Never Alone produced by Inupiat developers through which they could translate their ancestral stories and beliefs into a gameplay experience. They succeeded in creating a new type of game, called “World games” through which the mythology and culture of different peoples…

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Texture Mapping

In previous tutorials we began constructing objects in our virtual space and assigning colors to their vertices, thus obtaining multicolored cubes which we could admire. However, in most, if not all cases, whenever you generate an object to use inside a game, a simulation, etc. the object might require more visually complex coating than a…

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Drawing a Cube

Moving on from 2D to 3D in our drawing process, we arrive at the easiest geometric form one could draw with an extra dimension added: the humble cube. Because we are moving step by step in our learning process, we will be drawing a cube in the most inconvenient way possible: by creating the vertex…

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Projection Into the Matrix

We finish off our tutorials covering different matrix operations with the final matrix in the transformation chain featured in the picture below, which will result in either an orthographic or a perspective view on the scene. Orthographic and perspective projections The last usage of matrices we will cover in this tutorial series is translating the…

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