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Create a WebGL Program. Mobile vs Desktop

Update: After some reddit discussions with other mates, we reached to the conclusion that: The error catch by gl.getError() is not produced by GL’s method createShader(). “GetError() just returns the last error, which doesn’t mean it was necessarily the error that occurred fromt he last GL call you made. The error could’ve been from a long time ago, with many…

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FPS (frames per second or frame rate) is very important  in computer graphics programming to determine the performance of your game or program. Usually the best FPS is around 60(monitor refrash rate is usually at 60 hz) but you can go down to 30 FPS without notice big changes in performance. Below 25-30 FPS  things get worse…

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Browser WebGL performance tests

Webgl performance test in most popular browsers: Test order: 1. Firefox 23 (run it twice, forgot about cache) 2. Google Chrome 29 3. Internet Explorer 11 For this test I used a real-time polygon triangulation algorithm(monotone partitioning via poly2tri). For each country I keep the result triangles in a buffer so triangulation will be executed…

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