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Assassin’s Creed Victory Snake [satire]

After all Assassin’s Creed Unity problems, Ubisoft announced a new Assassin’s Creed for this autumn. To be sure that the game will run perfectly on all computers they asked the guys from Nintendo if it’s a good strategy to use Super Mario graphics from 80s. Nintendo guys were somewhat skeptical about Ubisoft’s strategy and capability and advises…

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Goblin Satirist Mocks Neptulon, Is Not Killed [satire]

Neptulon, the Water Elemental Lord worshipped by water elementals and water dwellers all around Azeroth, was the centerpiece of a series of caricatures created by the Goblin Guffawing Guild of Gagetzan. The caricatures in question depicted the almighty water lord in various humorous incarnations, the latest and most shocking entitled Niptulon. This latest caricature was…

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