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Top Gamblers Who Made A Fortune

Top Gamblers Who Made a Fortune

The activity or process of gambling need not favour everyone since it is based on how an individual perceives the game and how he/she takes it forward. Due to that, it is essential to note down that there are people who became successful and went ahead to accomplish more than what one could consider being the limit. These gamblers and teams made a fortune with gambling and continued to be successful for a long time. Considering the kind of interest that revolves around the, we are bringing together a list of gamblers who were more than just being successful.

1. Don Johnson

Don Johnson has a lot of experience with gambling as he worked as a gaming regulator, developer of a horseracing software and also managing Parx Casino and racing. The various roles that he performed in the business helped him develop math skills and also advanced his casino knowledge. Apart from that, Don Johnson also used a false image to his credit by winning around $6 million against Tropicana. The kind of impact that he caused was considerable enough to garner attention, and even the CEO of Tropicana was fired over the issue.

2. Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is a Poker Hall of Fame member, and that is an appropriate description to highlight his achievements in the game. His ability to crush high stakes was second to none as he went on to win $1.99 million, $7.34 million, $6.33 million and $3 million during the years 2007, 08, 09 and 2010. But when poker sites from around the world stopped due to Black Friday, Ivey slowed down his focus on Poker. Later, he also became an advantageous baccarat player who won millions from casinos.


3. Billy Walters

If you ever want to come across an all-rounder in gambling, then Billy Walters is the man that you need to study. The gambling expert won around $3.8 million in Roulette and went ahead to make suitable achievements. By spotting bias numbers on imperfect wooden wheels, Walters began to make his fortune. Looking into the same, casinos proceeded to install low-profile wheels that managed to keep roulette wheels from wearing down favouring specific other numbers.

4. MIT Blackjack Team

The MIT Blackjack team was so influential that even Hollywood couldn’t resist making a movie on them. Comprising former students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Harvard Business School, the team of card counters were successful in dominating the casino. They worked as a big corporation by drawing investments and used the dame to fund teams and casinos trips across the world. Their success story is not like any other as they lasted from 1979 to the early 2000s.

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