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Make Money Fast With The Best Casinos

Make Money Fast with the Best Casinos

The rent is due by the end of the month and you only have half what is due. What to do? Buy lottery tickets? Good luck with that strategy. You have a one in 14,000 chance of winning even $100 with the Powerball lottery. Scratch-offs tickets are better but still, the odds of winning even $100 are around 25 to 1 against you. No, the better way, if you are going to consider gambling alone is to bet at an online casino. Let’s say you have $400 set aside for rent but you need $800 and you’re determined to get that money fast through online gambling. Your first objective is to determine your gaming method of choice. Do you spend your money gambling on slot machines, blackjack, poker, baccarat, poker, or roulette? Your first choices could be poker or blackjack. Poker is the game of choice for many players, in it is indeed possible to win $400 on a series of games playing online poker, but poker is an extremely demanding game. It’s perhaps 20 times as easy to lose money as it is to win.

What about blackjack? Blackjack is a relatively low-risk game. Experts say the house edge for blackjack players is .5 percent if you play with basic mathematical strategy. The one truly great thing about playing in an online casino is that everyone should be able to play with basic strategy because virtually every online casino allows the use of basic strategy cards, and many actually provide them. Two other low cos house edge games at online casinos are baccarat and craps. The house end in betting on the player is 1.06 percent. Meanwhile, the house edge for a pass and come bets in craps is 1.41 percent. A player who needs fast money will want to concentrate on these three games because while you can win playing slots or roulette, you typically give up a 5 to 7 percent house odds. It is also important that players understand a house edge is a statistical number applied over thousands and thousands of plays. There is also a vital factor called variance.

Over the short term, just as flipping a penny to reveal heads or tails may reveal instances where the coin comes up heads 6 or times in a row, it is only when that coin is flipped thousands of times will it show up statistically as a 50-50 split. What does this mean to the online gambler who needs fast money? It means to make a few bets as possible. If you only have $400 to bet, you have an almost 50/50 chance of winning another $400 if you limited your bets to either $50 per hand or $100 per hand. Meanwhile, if you are betting $5 or $10 per hand, your results will come closer to the statistical house edge. There is also one other way to win money at a casino and that is to bet on the casino’s sportsbook. If you know enough about sports and can read all the reports including injury reports, then it’s somewhat possible for some people to make a $400 bet on the outcome of a hockey game and wind up with a $600 profit.

Okay, you have your game picked out, either blackjack, baccarat, or craps as well as your betting strategy? What’s next? Since you need money fast, you want to play at a fast payout casino. Here are a few to consider:

1. LeoVegas Casino

Leo Casino, with over 600 casino games, 43 table games, a live casino, and a huge sportsbook is one of the better casinos for Canadians to play, as it is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. If a Canadian wants fast cash the way with LeoVegas casino is to use an E-wallet like Neteller, Skrill, or Trustly. LeoVegas pays out instantly or within 12 hours with Neteller, instantly or within 24 hours for Skrill, and within zero to 2 days for Trustly. LeoVegas also pays out bank transfers within 2 to 5 days, but often that is not quick enough for people who need cash fast.

2. Mr. Green Casino

Despite the hokey sounding name, Mr. Green is one of the largest online casinos in Europe. Mr. Green offers several hundred slot machines, over 60 table games, and has perhaps the largest sportsbook operation in Europe. If you want to bet on arcane sports such as darts or cycling, Mr. Green has you covered. Another Malta-based casino with also a license in the UK, Mr. Green welcomes Canadian players with open arms. Here also, Skrill and Neteller are the E-wallet choices of preference for fast payouts. Most transactions for either Neteller or Skrill are processed instantly, but occasional Skrill transactions take up to 2 days, No more though.

3. Bethard Casino

Bethard Casino, also licensed in Malta, is huge. It features over 900 slot machines, and during peak hours, has over 100 table games operating as well as having a huge sportsbook. In fact, if you are considering sportsbook gambling, consider Bethard Casino because of the great layout. Withdrawals for Bethard a little slower, taking 1-3 days for Skrill, Neteller, and Trustly, but are still well within the time frame for most Canadians needing cash fast.

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